Portraits are hard to take


Taking portraits is very, very hard and I don’t like doing it! (Insert foot stomp here.)  I’d been to about three Photo Club meetings when friends started asking, “Could you take a picture of my family?”  I declined the first two requests with grace and tact by saying, “Good grief, woman!  Take your family’s portrait?!  Are you insane?!”  There was probably a bit of disbelieving laughter thrown in, too.

After offending my friends, we (my friends and I) came to a disgruntled (on their part) agreement that they will allow themselves to be my practice subjects and in return, I will take their family’s photo someday.  (The exact date of “someday” is yet to be determined.)

Side Note:  If you are taking someone’s portrait and you take a bad picture of them because you set your camera settings wrong do not get a disgusted look on your face and bark out, “That looks awful!  Just hideous!” because they’ll assume you’re calling them ugly and things’ll get ugly.

Today’s picture is a practice portrait and was a cinch to take.  I’m learning that there are two types of people who are incredibly easy to take pictures of: little girls and old men.

Put a girl in the fluffiest dress you can find (pink and lace give you bonus points.)  Fluff up her hair.  Tell her to smile and POOF! Done!

Let an old man just sit there with his craggy wrinkles, scraggly hair and crows’ feet eyes and snap away.  POOF!  Done!  If you can get him doing something like playing chess with another old man, even better!  Little old men playing chess never gets old, people.

I took this picture of my friend’s daughter so that Grandma could see the girl in the dress that Grandma bought for her.  I took 6 different shots and 3 turned out really nice.  (A new record for me!  Not like yesterday, where I took 54 shots throughout the day and only 2 turned out.)

I chose to post this one, even though it’s technically not the best of the three.  In the other two shots she’s not slumped and her hair is out of her eyes.  But this is the best shot because it captures her personality.  She’s the youngest of three children, and the only girl.  She’s pretty and I suspect she knows it.  She comes from a family who loves to play practical jokes on each other and you can see it in the mischievous gleam in her eyes (eye), can’t you?  The cheeky grin makes you wonder what she’s plotting against her older brothers.

Gasp!  Wait a minute…I remember a while ago that she told me that my son was cute.  I wonder if he thinks she’s cute.  Could this be his crush??


6 thoughts on “Portraits are hard to take

  1. So, I too am one of those friends. Why is Kris getting all the pictures? I know, you are waiting until you get really good to work with my family. You have seen pics of how family portrait time goes for us.

    • Kris is getting all the pictures because she’s sneaky and keeps waylaying me (transitive verb. : to lie in wait for or attack from ambush) after church when I’m feeling most charitable.

      And Wendy! Yes! I most surely have seen pics of how family portrait time goes for you. You are exactly right that I have you in mind while I’m practicing. You are the goal I’m shooting for. If I can take your family’s portrait, then I can take anyone’s family portrait.

      P.S. Your family portrait attempts are HILARIOUS to the rest of us. The one with C holding her head in her hands while O storms off the edge of the picture really should have been your Christmas card.

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