But she’s a girl!

Jedi Academy, Class of 2022

This is a picture of my two kids visiting their friends.  And there’s a GIRL in the picture!  (We’ll call her Leia.)

But wait, don’t girls have cooties?  My boys have listened in horrified fascination to their friends’ stories about Annoying Sisters.  During kissing scenes on tv, the boys retch and cover their eyes and whimper, “You didn’t tell us this was a scary movie.  Is it over yet?”

Leia is the exception.

My boys aren’t quite sure what to do with her.  They like playing with her, but…she’s a girl!  They love Star Wars and she loves Star Wars, and they love their DSs and she loves their DSs, and they love computer games and she loves computer games, but…she’s a girl!  They’re conflicted.

A few months ago, when my oldest was saying something about “annoying girls,” I mentioned that he’ll grow up and marry one.  He gave me that, “don’t remind me” hang-dog look.  I told him that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  “You don’t have to marry a girl you don’t like.  It’ll be like Leia.  She’ll be someone that you’re friends with and you’ll like her.  You’ll want to marry her so you can hang out and have fun together.”

He didn’t say a word, just stared off into the distance, considering this revolutionary idea.

A few days ago, it occurred to me that my boys are more than old enough to have crushes on the little girls.  I told my oldest that I remember having crushes on the little boys in school as far back as six years old.  (We lived in England and his name was Frasier.)  I told him that I’ve always wondered whether little boys got crushes, too, or if it was just the little girls.  And I asked him, “Do you like any girls?”  He said, “I dunno.”

I told him that I’ve wondered for decades whether or not little boys get crushes like little girls, and now that I finally have a little boy right here in front of me to ask, he says he doesn’t know!  He cackled and refused to talk.  I’m pretty sure that means he has crushes on the little girls.  I guess.  But who can tell with boys?!?

6 thoughts on “But she’s a girl!

  1. Great shot, Jackie. I love the individual personalities that are captured here. Nice use of Elements in order to highlight the sabers.

    By the way…like girls, little boys do have crushes. As a mater of fact, there are times I feel like a little boy again.

    • Thanks, Scott. I’m pretty pleased with it. I let the kids play for a few minutes to loosen up before attempting to take their picture. You know how it is. Kids get bored with picture taking fast, so you have to get it right in just a few shots. Actually, grown ups get tired of it, too, which is why I prefer Still Lifes for now.

      If little boys get crushes, then I’m going assume that my 9 yo, at the very least, knows a girl he thinks is cute. I wonder who she is.

  2. The best thing about the way girls play is that E re-enacts everything in her life with barbies and stuffed animals. Barbie was going on a date with one of the boys from E’s class the other day, so now I know who her crush is these days. That’s the only thing about girls that’s easier than boys. The. Only. Thing.

      • Oh, that IS true! I really need to start playing Evil Queen at home and putting poor Cinderella to work. Brilliant!

      • Jump on that while you can, before she’s totally out of the “princess” stage. The payoff for having boys comes later. I can’t WAIT until they’re stronger than me and can unload all the groceries from the car for me. Right now, they’re pathetic if I hand them a bag that weighs more than 8 ounces, but my day will come.

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