PJ Day

This picture of the day is more about what I didn’t do today rather than what I did do.

I started this blog two days ago, and I stayed up waaaay too late last night trying to figure out how to post things.  I had no choice but to sleep in an extra hour this morning, which means there wasn’t any time for exercise or personal hygiene.  So, here I am, in all my slobby glory.

This Not Bathing thing happens every few months.  The last time it happened was November first, (and I know, because I have the picture) when not only did I Not Bathe, but I also had bags and bags of Halloween candy sprinkled around the house.  That was either a really good day or a really bad day, depending on what you think about lazing around in jammies eating chocolate all day.

But there is more to the picture than just my slobby pajamas:

First: the hat.  The hat!  Why are you wearing a hat inside?  Because we’re cheap and don’t turn our heat up.  If we’re cold, we can put on sweaters.  Or hats.  And before you make fun of me, indoor hat wearing is an ancient and respectable tradition, immortalized in the lines of the following poem, “And I in my kerchief, and ma in her cap, had just settled down to a long winter’s nap.”  (Yes, I sleep in the hat, too.)

Second: the hat.  It’s a Steelers hat!  You must love the Steelers!  Nope.  Hate them.  Oh, so you love the *insert other team name here*?  Nope.  Hate them, too.  I hate all football teams because I hate football.  Why?  I don’t know!  I just do!  When I see a person in a football uniform, I assume they’re a jerk and I…hate them.  I can’t stand anything to do with football.  Was it because you had to sit next to that football player all through high school who was a jerk?  Nope.  He was a jerk, but never to me.  Years later, I read about him in the paper.  He went to jail for embezzling money and when his coworkers found out about the embezzlement, he hired a hit man to kill them.  (He was arrested before they were murdered.)  But the football player was nice to me in school.  In fact, I was a pretty nerdy kid back then and while the other kids would ostracize me for fear of wrecking their social standing, he never cared about all that and we had many a long conversation.  Did your father ignore you and get drunk watching football?  Nope.  My dad’s a sweetie.  I have no idea why I hate football so much.

Third: what are you holding?  My extra Birthday Battery for Clarisse!  A few days ago I celebrated a birthday and my husband got me an extra battery for my camera (her name is Clarisse) as my birthday present.  I teased him mercilessly about getting me a battery for my birthday….but…

…there I was, taking my picture of the day with Clarisse on the tripod, using the camera timer, and I kept messing up the picture.  I cut my own head off, I blinked when the shutter clicked, had that deer in the headlights look from smiling too long.  And through all this, my original camera battery ran out of power.  Thankfully, I had my new Birthday Battery ready and charged.  Thank you, darling husband, for my birthday battery!

P.S.  Isn’t the living room painted a hideous color?  When the room isn’t well lit, it looks like a greenish-black.


7 thoughts on “PJ Day

  1. Jamin and I hate football too! No real reason other than we don’t enjoy it or most other sports on TV for that matter. People think we are so weird because of it. The guys on Jamin’s job site are dumfounded by his dislike for it.

    Great job Clarisse!

    • People might understand it better if we could explain why we hate it, huh? I wish I knew. You know how Chihuahua dogs growl at everyone for no known reason? (At least all the ones I’ve met do.) That’s me about football. Growling for no reason.

  2. Okay, so I grew up in Pittsburgh and being a Steelers fan comes with the territory. If I claim to not be a Steelers fan, I may be blackballed from the family. So I love your hat… and I really like your blog.

    • I get it about the blackballing! I’m lucky: the Steeler fans in my family are too busy fighting with the Ravens fans in the family to notice me growling about football in the corner.

  3. I am guilty of staying up way too late, playing with my blog too!

    we turn the heat off while sleeping, but I am a wimp so I turn it on when I get up.

    the color on your wall looks lovely!

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